In 2014, when we started Healthy Hemp Pet Company, we wanted to supply the quality CBD hemp products that we weren’t able to find on the market. Of course, the definition of quality varies from supplier to supplier, so here’s exactly what we mean when we say that we’re providing premium Full Spectrum hemp oil products.

Not All Hemp is Created Equal

When we set out to better the lives of pets and their people, we knew that we were not willing to compromise on getting the best quality hemp oil. The marketplace was already flooded with hemp oil products of indeterminate origin, potency, and quality. We wanted to stand apart by providing clearly labeled products that provided consistent results. So, we visited many prospective hemp oil providers and used only the best.

A Brief History of Hemp

Hemp was once a very popular crop in the United States. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams all grew hemp. It was only outlawed in 1937 by the Marijuana Tax Act. Three years ago, the passage of Section 7606 of the 2014 Agricultural Act provided a federally legal pathway to growing “industrial hemp” on American soil. Industrial hemp is classified as cannabis with a THC content of .3% or lower.

Home Field Advantage

It was important to us that our hemp partner be based in the US and practice organic farming. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with foreign sources of hemp, it’s just more difficult to ensure proper growing procedures are followed. Hemp oils we tested from Europe and China contained heavy metals, toxins, and/or mysterious chemicals. Our hemp oil partner grows, harvests, distills, tests, extracts, and studies their hemp in Colorado.

Not only does our oil provider conform fully with the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, but their proprietary strain is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. Their hemp is also USDA certified organic. Instead of using chemicals, they outsource their pest control to ladybugs. Plus, they’re a zero-waste facility! We’re so proud to partner dedicated to living gently as they improve wellness.

Distillation Nation

Even though their growing system and harvesting methods are top notch, what really gets us excited about our partner’s hemp oil is the distillation process. Our partner invented and pioneered a new extraction method called “vapor distillation.” When turning the hemp plant into a concentrate, some businesses use harsh solvents like ethanol or even butane. By contrast, our partners use heated air to gently extract the most therapeutic components of the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes.) When those components evaporate, they’re collected to make a distillate that’s truly gentle and high quality.

A Matter of Taste

Because it’s so gentle and natural, this distillation method has the added benefit of making an extra palatable product. Most extraction methods produce a product that can taste sour or bitter. The hemp oil has a neutral taste with just a little hint of nuttiness.

Proper Sourcing

Hemp isn’t just a great health product. It takes less land, water, and time to grow than cotton. It can be used to make plastics stronger than steel and more sustainable clothing. The fibers found in the stalks of true industrial hemp are the strongest plant fibers in nature. However, true industrial hemp contains very few phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds. To save on costs, some “hemp oil hustlers” use hemp seeds or stalks to make their products. These parts of the plant do not contain the cannabinoids and terpenes present in therapeutic hemp. Our partner uses only the flowers of true therapeutic hemp, the parts of the plant with the most cannabinoids and terpenes. They also test to ensure consistent quality.

On the Spectrum

CBD isolates and zero THC strains are available on the market, but we choose not to use them in Healthy Hemp Pet products. Our consulting veterinarians agree that full spectrum oil is more therapeutic than any one isolated compound. Plus, terpenes can act as a sort of primer for the body, allowing it to make the most use of cannabinoids. So, our hemp oil products use the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes working synergistically to provide true health benefits.

What’s Full Spectrum hemp oil?

While some companies use the term “CBD oil,” we use “PCR hemp oil,” which stands for phytocannabinoid-rich. This is merely a naming choice. CBD or Cannabidiol is still the main phytocannabinoid present in our oil. The market can be a bit hostile towards CBD products, and this helps us protect our company so we can continue to bring these high-quality products to pets and their owners.

The Price is Right

Honestly, we know our products are on the more expensive end of the pet hemp oil market. Particularly CannaNaturalTM, with it’s premium ingredients, like green lipped mussel, can be a bit steep. We are confident that you won’t find a product on the market with superior ingredients, customer service, and support for independent retailers. After all, we got into this business to help pets be healthier.

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