COA & Testing

Here at Healthy Hemp Pet Company we are committed to full disclosure and transparency when it comes to all aspects of our business. We want our consumers and retail partners to have access to Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the raw materials that make up the hemp products for your pets. Please use the below links to access the Certificates of Analysis for the premium ingredients that make up your Healthy Hemp Pet Company products, which are: USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum Hemp(CBD) oil, and USDA Certified Organic Turkey tail mushroom. Please note when pertaining to Full Spectrum hemp Hemp oil, some Certificates of Analysis are prior to carrier oil dilution. As a reminder, our dilution process contains no harmful ingredients. Only the best for our pets and yours! Check your hemp product label for a Healthy Hemp Pet Company batch number and search below. If you don’t see your specific batch number, please email us at: