How to Celebrate National Dog Day!

National Dog Day Post Photo

We absolutely love the idea of National Dog Day, which shouldn’t come as a surprise! Pet companies tend to love all animals, and Healthy Hemp Pet Company exists because of our founder’s love for his own dogs. If you haven’t read the story about why Dave founded Healthy Hemp Pet Company, you can do that in the about section.

Are you looking for ideas to celebrate National Dog Day with your own dog? We’ve got you covered. Here are five ways to celebrate:

Pooch Pampering: Give your dog a well-deserved spa day with a bath or groomer appointment. Your pup may not love baths, but they always seem to be happy when they are clean! As are you, so go for it!

Favorite Hike or Walk: Does your dog have a favorite spot to get out and explore? If so, go there. If not, try a new place as a special treat.

Treats!: Spoil your dog with some new treats. Of course, we favor our own CannaNatural, but anything will do. If you can’t get new dog treats in time… a spoonful of peanut butter is a favorite treat around our office.

Post a Favorite Dog Photo on Social Media: If you do, tag us! We’d love to see your dog. Don’t forget to use the #NationalDogDay hashtag.

Donate to a Shelter: You can donate money, toys, pet food, and even your time. Most animal shelters are in need of all of the above. If you can, reach out to your local shelter and ask how you can help. We donate to Nuzzles & Co., a pet rescue in Park City, Utah.



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