Does your pet have allergies? This is a topic we get asked about a lot. Yes, just like people, pets can suffer from allergies. There are three main types of allergies that can affect cats and dogs: food allergies, allergies to flea bites, and environmental allergies.

If your pet seems especially itchy, you may wonder whether (s)he’s suffering from allergies. There are additional signs to watch for, but scratching is the most common. The other signs of allergies in pets include:

  • Compulsive paw licking is a common sign of allergies in dogs.
  • Scratching and biting themselves to relieve itching can indicate allergies in pets.
  • Rear scooting or licking the anal region is a symptom of histamine reaction in dogs.
  • Skin infections are a serious sign and side effect of allergies, related to chronic scratching.
  • Hair loss and increased shedding is a common sign of allergies in both cats and dogs.
  • Pet dandruff is a common sign, since allergies severely dry the skin out in pets.
  • Respiratory issues in cats are a sign of allergies. Cats are far more sensitive than dogs to environmental pollutants and poor air quality.
  • Ear infections, particularly in dog breeds who have floppy ears such as hounds and cocker spaniels. The common sign is excessive head shaking and red, waxy ears.

Environmental allergies can be provoked by outdoor allergens such as grass or pollen or indoor ones like mold, dust mites or fabrics. Environmental allergies can be genetically inherited, and some dog breeds are more prone to allergies such as germen shepherds, cocker spaniels, bichon fries, golden retrievers, and labradors.

Limiting (and if possible preventing) exposure to pet allergens is key to managing allergies. Prescribed antihistamines and/or corticosteroids often help control symptoms, while specialty shampoos or other topical therapies minimize your pet’s itchiness and may reduce excessive scratching.

An at home allergy treatment that’s getting more attention recently is Full Spectrum hemp oil for treatment of allergies in pets. Full Spectrum hemp oil may reduce allergic reactions throughout the entire body, calms anxiety and reduces your pet’s need to chew and lick. As an anti-inflammatory, PCR hemp oil may also relieve systemic inflammation that causes hives, blisters, and whole-body itching in pets. Our CannaBalm is an all-natural salve that may soothe skin from rashes and ease allergy related discomfort. We’ve had customers report great success treating pet allergies with our CannaNatural and CannaDrops, which are a biscuit and liquid formulation. All our Healthy Hemp Pet Company products contain Full Spectrum hemp oil and other natural ingredients.

While allergies cannot be cured, there are many ways to help manage them to keep your pet more comfortable. If symptoms persist, consider a trip to your veterinarian for testing and a more serious treatment plan.

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