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Animal: Cat

Age: 4

Health Concern: Seizures

Product: CannaDrops Salmon

Outcome: Stops Seizures Almost Immediately, Bouncing Back Quicker After Seizures


My 4 year old cat Naughty suffers from seizures. The CBD oil with salmon has been the only reliable relief for her condition. Not only has it helped lower the chances, but during her seizures it stops them almost immediately.

Seeing her go back to her normal self after an episode takes a while, but I know it would take longer without the oil. Thank you so much for making such an amazing and reliable product for animals. My Naughty girl thanks you guys as well.

Those drops have pretty much saved her life, I would love for others to know how helpful your product is.

– Katy Olmore


Max & Ginger

Animal: Dogs (Brussels Griffon, Shepherd mix)

Age: Max ~15, Ginger (?)

Health Concern: General Discomfort, Fireworks Anxiety

Product: CannaNatural, CannaDrops & CannaSpray

Outcome: Increased Comfort, Calmer during fireworks


One of my dog’s is Max and he is a Brussels Griffon. He is a little over 15 now. I found your company about 2 years ago now when I noticed he seemed to be in a bit of discomfort while just relaxing at night. I started giving him the CannaDrops and CannaSpray as well as the CannaNatural.

I noticed slowly as he got it a couple times a day he started to not be in the same discomfort. I now try and give him a little bit throughout the day and notice no more issues with him like he used to have. I also have a Shepherd mix named Ginger, and I use the drops and spray with her as well when I know there will be times she will have higher anxiety such as 4th of July or New Years and it calms her down.

– Eric Alex


Animal: Cat

Age: ~13

Health Concern: Relief During Dental Work, Arthritis, Anxiety (Grumpy, Aggressive

Product: CannaDrops

Outcome: Happier, Playful, Calmer


We use CannaDrops for our cat, Biko. Biko was found as a stray, but we think he’s about 13 years old. Biko’s been using Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops for about a year now.

We started giving them to him when he had some dental work done, and it really seemed to help him during that time. He does also have some arthritis and anxiety, and CannaDrops help with both!

In fact, he has a specific style of begging he does when he wants CannaDrops (usually when the weather is bad and my own arthritis is acting up). He used to get really grumpy and even a bit aggressive. Now he’s so much happier, playful, and calm. We’re so grateful to have found Healthy Hemp Pet!

– Winx


Scooby-Doo & Dozer

Animal: Dogs (Siberian Huskies)

Age: ~13

Health Concern: Seizures & Anxiety

Product: CannaDrops Immune (Turkey Tail Mushroom)

Outcome: Fewer Seizures, Calmer, Uses Less Oil Than Other Brands, Happier, More Talkative


Our 3 year old Siberian husky, Scooby-Doo is not just our dog, but a member of our family. He’s a little mischievous, but one of the funniest, bravest, & sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. He has no fear and loves giving kisses to anyone who will let him! Scooby started having seizures at a little over 1 year old and was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after. Other than this he’s a very healthy dog, who gets raw food and top of the line kibble.

We did not know of this when we brought him home at 8 weeks and he has no family history. He’s not my first pup who has had epilepsy so we knew we wanted to go a more natural route for treatment than getting on an antiepileptic pill for as long as possible. Along with the help of our vet, we decided on CBD as a healthy alternative.

Although I’m well experienced with seizures in dogs, it’s still a terrifying and heartbreaking thing to watch your fur baby go through. Not just for my husband & I, but our older husky Dozer is very empathetic and gets extremely upset as well. We had tried many different brands since making the decision to use CBD. None of the other companies made us feel like we could really trust them or made a big difference. The longest he went without a seizure was almost 5 months, average being about 3.

Our local pet store in Marysville WA, Julz Animal Houz, started carrying your CBD products and I was intrigued by the Cannashroom Immune support CBD with Turkey tail mushroom. Scooby-Doo has been getting this product every day since June and has not had a seizure since! Not only have we not had an episode, but I get to hear him being more talkative (in that playful husky way), see him playing with our 5 year old husky on a daily basis again, and just generally notice him being a happier dog!

We will sometimes use the CBD for both our dogs when we have lots of company, since they tend to get overwhelmed or anxious with crowds, and I can physically see them calm down after about a half hour. I love that we don’t have to refrigerate, which makes it easy when our pups stay with family from time to time. I also notice we don’t have to use as much as some other brands to notice a difference, which makes the bottle last quite a bit longer. It makes me feel like I can trust your company that every batch # is printed on every bottle and I can look up that batch online.

We have a baby on the way and I’ve been afraid of having my daughter see Scooby-Doo have seizures and Dozer react to it. This is not something I think we’ll be able to avoid forever, but I feel so confident moving forward that we finally have a trusted brand we can depend on! You’ve not only created a brand we can trust that has given us real results, but you’ve also given our whole family an incredible piece of mind. I no longer jump at every little noise Scooby-Doo makes since I don’t feel like I have to be on constant alert. I recommend your products to everyone I can in hopes it will help another family like it’s helping ours.

All of us in the Akers family want to say Thank you all so much for what you’re doing. We are a healthy hemp family for life and wish nothing but the best for everyone in yours.

– Brittany & Derek Akers



Animal: Dog (Pit Bull)

Age: Unknown

Health Concern: Anxiety, Aggression, Grumpy, Not Playful, Going After Cats

Product: CannaShroom

Outcome: Nicer to Cats, Less Barking, Happier


I really needed to qualify the cost of CannaShroom to myself and prove I wasn’t paying $100.00/month for a special blend of cinnamon and mushroom, I took her off the Cannashroom for a few weeks, reducing her diet supplement to a combination of Canine Matrix’s “Calm” and “Maximum Restoration” (original combination was Cannashroom + “Calm” + “Maximum Restoration”) – and she got shitty again! Grumpy, not playful, and barking/going after her kitties! (excuse the language, but that’s the only really good description of her behavior).

I added it back in two days ago, and my silly lady-dog is back! I don’t know what kind of fairy dust is in that little tin, but it definitely turns my anxious, fearful, grumpy old woman into an adorable darling that loves her kitty’s.

I’ve been singing praises to my veterinarian, friends and trainer; but more importantly, and especially for breeds like mine (rescue, visual is stereotypical “Pit Bull”), or dogs who’ve come from a rescue or shelter situation, or are just showing signs of stress or fear, that their parents or organization/foster, etc. know this is an option and one that produces remarkable results, very quickly.

This doesn’t work like anything I’ve tried for my girl from the pot store, nor like any cannabis / hemp product made specifically for animals (I’ve tried many) – what you all have created is something special, and I hope at some point you’ll be able to offer it at a more affordable price and in more than boutique pet stores. It really is special, and could have wide reaching, really positive effects.

I’m super thankful for you guys – you really have changed my girl’s life. I would very much like to encourage you to share this product with local shelters in your area, or offer it at a discounted price if you can, so the animals can put on a sweet face and increase their chances of finding their way to forever homes.

– Beth Edwards


Animal: Dog (Chihuahua/Corgy Mix) 

Age: 4

Health Concern: Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), ruptured vertebrae: Paralyzed from the waist down, no control over her bladder, bowel, or hind legs. 

Product: CannaNatural (supplemented with additional glucosamine & chondroitin chew)

Outcome: Eased pain, inflammation, and anxiety during healing process to make a full recovery to using hind legs again, bladder/bowel control returned.

Healthy Hemp Pet SAVED my dog!

Evie is a 5 year old Chiggy (chihuahua/Corgy). We have had her since she was 5 weeks old.

6 months before her 4th birthday she was playing with our other dog and just cried out in pain from under our kitchen table. It was the worst sound I had ever heard in my life! After a quick at home exam we decided to take her to the vet first thing when they opened Monday morning.

When the sun rose on Monday Evie was paralyzed from the waste down. She had no control over her bladder, bowel, or hind legs. Her vet informed us that she had intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) and that one of her vertebrae had ruptured.

We were mortified. They offered surgery, ($10k) but suggested we put her down. They said that this was a chronic disease that will only get worse for her. We refused euthanasia and decided to go home with a plethora of medication instead.

After weeks of medication, and carrying her around in a laundry basket everywhere we went; a friend who is a vet informed us that the medication she was on will take a toll on her kidneys and we are still going to lose our dog! I was desperate to find a solution to increase the quality of life for a best friend who has been so loyal to us

While shopping at a boutique store in Grass Valley I came across the CannaNatural dog treats.

I immediately stopped all of the prescriptions and started her on these treats instead along with a glucosamine and chondroitin chew, 2 treats once every 12 hours.

Within 2 days she was able to pull her back limbs behind her and attempted to use the bathroom on her own.

Within a week she regained feeling in her hindquarters and was eager to use her doggie wheelchair.

Week 2 – wheelchair was GONE! She was WALKING! Something her vet said would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! It was a slow process and a year and a half later Evie is running, jumping and playing with our other dog once again! Healthy Hemp pets CannaNatural treats have 100% changed my best friends life. It eased her pain, inflammation, and anxiety allowing her to heal and live a full and happy life. She has not had another flare up of the IVDD since starting

CannaNatural. I cannot thank you enough for this product! It has been a miracle for Evie and for our family. It brought our dog back from the brink and has given us the opportunity to continue to enjoy all of the kisses, and snuggles, and love that this little pooch has to offer!

Our sincerest thanks!

– The Phillips family


Animal: Cat

Age: 4

Health Concern: Hyperesthesia

Product: CannaDrops 2x a day with meals

Outcome: Calmer, fewer and less severe hyperesthesia episodes (freakouts), allowed owner to pet him more, less aggression towards other cats, able to snuggle without lashing out randomly


I’m really so pleased with the difference your drops have made in his life. When my vet recommended I try some form of CBD oil to treat his hyperesthesia before putting him on gabapentin. I was a little skeptical, but definitely willing to give it a try before something with more side effects. Your CannaDrops were recommended to me by my sister, who has used them for her arthritic cat. It took a little time, but slowly his episodes of freaking out for no reason started to lessen in frequency and severity.

I began to be able to pet him a lot more and it wouldn’t trigger him, and he was no longer aggressively looking for one of the other cats to take his overabundance of emotion and energy out on. He now comes to me for love and snuggles, and I don’t have to worry about it leading to him lashing out at my face or hands out of nowhere. He seems to enjoy affection so much more now, and purrs so blissfully. Like I said, using these drops twice a day in his meals has given me my sweet boy back! I’m so thankful :).

– Danielle

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