Melissa P

Meet Sirius, a 9-year-old Husky mix who suffers from Degenerative Myelopathy. ⁣⁣
After Sirius started showing signs of weakness in his back legs and he started to fall I took him to get tests run. After running every test possible and ruling out everything, he was diagnosed by a process of elimination, with degenerative myopathy. Devastated with the 6-12-month prognosis, I sought out a second (and a third) opinion. When the same results came back, I sought out alternative treatments to prolong his life and to keep him comfortable. Enter Healthy Hemp Pet Company! Sirius has been on the 400mg salmon flavored CannaDrops twice a day for the past few years and recently had the CannaCrush added to his diet. ⁣⁣
Not only is he still here with me, but his symptoms have stayed steady with only minimal decline. He also was able to get off of the prescription pills, which had awful side effects! I am so appreciative for the quality of these products and that they have given me more years with my beloved dog! I tell everyone and anyone about the wonderful products that has given Sirius a new lease on life! Thank you!

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