Tracy H

Meet Rue, a 2-year-old adorable French Bulldog who suffers from seizures. Her owner credits CannaDrops for quite literally saving her life! You’re going to want to read this testimonial.

Rue was slated to be a ‘breeding’ dog, but when she had a few small seizures the breeder put her up for sale. we were lucking enough to get to adopt her.

After a few weeks of having Rue, she had a cluster of seizures that led to an emergency middle of the night visit and upping her Phenobarbital… after the next cluster more drugs were added.  In October 2017, she had yet again a cluster of seizures, we again rushed her to the vet, but this time they were unable to “break’ the seizure cycle after many, many attempts.

We left broken hearted taking Rue home for the last time for our family to say their goodbyes. We were scheduled to take her back in the morning to be put to sleep. Rue had a port in her arm for us to administer the Valium to reduce the amount of seizures she would have. We alternated between the Valium and Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrops. Rue made it through the night and we stopped the Valium and only used the CannaDrops.

Over a year later, Rue has been seizure free thanks to Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrop! We have also been able to almost completely eliminate all other drugs while only using the CBD oil.  We are so grateful that found out about Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s products as we know we would not have our beautiful Rue otherwise. Thank you!

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