Jordan A. Johnson

We love hearing about how our hemp products help your animals, so this Equine CannaDrops testimonial was a favorite! Not only did this horse owner share a rave review, but she sent videos of her horse before Equine CannaDrops and 30 minutes after. A huge thanks to Jordan for sharing!

“I have worked with horses my entire life. It is something I have always loved. Just recently I bought a new horse that had a lot of anxiety. He was a great horse but seemed to always be on edge. I had heard about these horse hemp drops and thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but It was amazing! After 30 minutes he was calm and relaxed. This horse hemp really just helped calmed him enough to ride and focus on what I was asking him to do. He also had less anxiety when we were away from other horses, during shoeing and while tied to the trailer. I will keep using Equine CannaDrops!”

To read more about Equine CannaDrops visit the product page!

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