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Healthy Hemp Pet CannaShroom Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail Mushroom – CLEARANCE


Healthy Hemp Pet CannaShroom™ Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail Mushroom offers animal owners and clinicians a new method to treat animals holistically. This product comes with the added feature of medicinal mushrooms, combined with our signature hemp and Ceylon cinnamon for a powerful immunity boost. These natural ingredients may help pets with a variety of health conditions including cancer. This product may also boost your pet’s immunity and reduce inflammation. Each reusable tin contains 225 mg of organic Full Spectrum hemp, 22,500mg  of USDA Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and 22,500mg USDA Certified Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom.

For Healthy Hemp Pet Company lab testing results, please visit our Certificate of Analysis page.

Recommended Use & Dosage

Average Wait Period: 20-30 Minutes

Application Method: Oral

Use 1/2 teaspoon per 50 pounds of pet weight. Each 1/2 teaspoon contains 5mg of Full Spectrum hemp powder; 500mg turkey tail mushroom powder extract; 500mg Ceylon cinnamon. Use once or twice per day as needed or directed by your veterinarian.

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Like all Healthy Hemp Pet Company products, CannaShroom™ Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail Mushroom contains no gluten, no fillers, no chemicals, no fragrance and is cruelty-free.

This product contains only natural and holistic ingredients. After all a happy pet is a healthy pet!

Active ingredients

Full Spectrum hemp Oil:  Every batch of organic hemp oil we use is tested to ensure it contains less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, so CannaShroom™ Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail Mushroom will not get your pet “high.” Hemp oil is also an excellent source  of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Ceylon Cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects. These properties mean Ceylon cinnamon may support your pet’s immune health.

Turkey Tail Mushroom: We only use full flower mushrooms, that are never ground into the substrate used to grow them. Turkey tail mushroom has been used for thousands of years in China as a holistic treatment to support immune system functions. This super ingredient is making waves in the U.S. The FDA has approved two clinical trials to study to study the potential of turkey tail mushroom extract to slow the growth of cancer cells and have positive effects on treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Inactive ingredients

Dextrin, Acacia Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, and Vitamin E

Additional information

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1 review for Healthy Hemp Pet CannaShroom Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail Mushroom – CLEARANCE

  1. Stephen Ma

    Great product! My cat can get so anxious at times especially when there is a lot of noise outside my apartment. He also has stress induced crystals. Being in a city like NYC — it’s just bad news bears. I worry about him having another episode of urinary crystals since it can cause death. I can’t see myself without him nowadays.

    This product has been great because I notice that he is much calmer when he is on it. My cat seems to like it too! that’s another plus!

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