Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Spray Top




Healthy Hemp CannaDrops™ Spray Top offers animal owners and clinicians an easy way to administer organic full-spectrum terpene rich hemp(CBD) oil, instead of using a dropper top.

This product is the spray top ONLY. No CannaDrops™ provided.

Recommended Use & Dosage:

Average Wait Period: 20-30 Minutes after dosing

Application Method: Oral

Use: Remove the CannaDrops™ dropper top on either the 400 mg Coconut or Salmon drops. Screw on the spray top and follow directions on label in spray top bag.

Dosage: Shake well before use. Use 1 mg Full Spectrum hemp oil per 10 pounds of pet weight. One pump contains 5mg of organic full-spectrum terpene rich hemp(CBD) oil. Use every 4-8 hours as needed or recommended by a veterinarian.


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