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Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Salmon


Healthy Hemp CannaDrops™ Salmon offers animal owners and clinicians a more flexible and cost-effective way to administer larger doses of organic full-spectrum terpene rich hemp oil.

CannaDrops Salmon are small batch made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Choose from 66 mg, 200 mg or 400 mg of Full Spectrum hemp, phytocannabinoid-rich, hemp oil per 0.17 oz, 0.5 oz,  or 1 oz bottle, respectively.

Recommended Use & Dosage

Shake well before use. Use 1 mg of organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil per 10 pounds of animal weight.

Average Wait Period: 20-30 Minutes

Application Method: Oral

PawPrint-10x10All CannaDrops: Use 1 mg (3 drops) per 10 pounds of animal weight. 1 ml contains 13.3 mg of Full Spectrum hemp oil. Use every 4-8 hours as needed or recommended by a veterinarian. Shake well.

Proper Storage

Eighteen month shelf life when properly stored in a cool, dry place and refrigerated after opening.

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Like all Healthy Hemp Pet Company products, CannaDrops Salmon contain no gluten, no fillers, no chemicals, no fragrance and are cruelty-free.

Simply two natural, U.S. sourced ingredients: salmon oil and organic terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp(CBD) oil. No inactive ingredients.

ACTIVE ingredients

Full Spectrum hemp Oil: Our hemp(CBD) oil partner’s proprietary extraction, the purest process currently available, delivers clean, 100% solvent-free, naturally terpene-rich full spectrum hemp oil from the flowers and leaves of naturally developed strains of industrial hemp grown legally using organic farming methods in Colorado under a Department of Agriculture program. Every batch of the hemp(CBD) oil we use is tested to ensure it contains less than 0.3% of the psychotropic cannabinoid, THC, so CannaDrops will not get your dog “high.” Hemp(CBD) oil is also an excellent source  of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: from salmon oil which is very high in the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA have shown benefit in supporting seasonal skin allergies, normal immune and neurological function, and normal blood pressure as well as in enhancing brain function.

Additional information

Weight8 oz
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15 reviews for Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Salmon

  1. Sarah N.

    The drops have been incredibly helpful in treating my aging pug who suffers from patella lunation pain. Thank you a million time over for helping me treat my guy without harsh pharmaceutics!!

  2. Sonda B

    Thank you Thank you!!! My Shepherd has ear allergy and infection. She was whining and rubbing her ears all the time. I got your Cannadrops and in 2 days she stopped whinnying and rubbing and is her happy self again!! GREAT PRODUCT!!

  3. Stephanie

    Jet is a 67 pound boxer/weimaraner mix with severe separation anxiety. He is a great dog, but he is pretty stressed out all the time. He was experiencing some regular digestive upset due to his anxiety. I started giving him the 200 mg salmon oil Canndrops about 6 weeks ago and his anxiety has dropped pretty noticeably, starting the first day, and his digestion is healthy now. After a few weeks I thought the drops had lost their effect, so I took him off for a few days and the difference was huge! No doubt about it, the drops are making a significant difference in his anxiety and overall health. And now we are better able to train for the separation anxiety because Jet isn’t vibrating with stress anymore. I am grateful for the opportunity to help Jet work on his behavioral issues and be a happier guy. (Also, the drops didn’t diminish his energy at all. He still plays and hikes and is a genuine goof. Just a happier goof.)

  4. Peter Martin

    Is good for hip problems

  5. Jenifer Hughey

    My baby has a hard time with bad anxiety when they do bomb testing by our home sometimes he got so bad it scared me. Shaking and his breathing .. I tried what the vet gave us but it didn’t work also he has arthritis.in his back i was at loss due to his age not much i could find to help. We tried the 400mg and in a full anxiety it worked in 5 min he was calm. And also is more active.. He thinks at times he’s a pup. I swear my life on these drops it made me cry in joy how much it truly has changed him . thank you!!

  6. Lucy James

    Canna drops has unbelievable results. It’s a great Product.

  7. Kevin and Dodi Carr (verified owner)

    Sam was diagnosed with bladder cancer almost a year ago. We have been giving him these drops for the past 4 months (along with his piroxicam) and have seen a remarkable improvement. His urine stream has improved greatly and his energy has also improved. Thank you!

  8. Jeremy Pate (verified owner)

    I started giving my 10 year old husky these drops when he was diagnosed with arthritis. He responded much better to these drops over his prescribed Movoflex chews. Gave them to him at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was able to run and play with the other huskies like he used to. I lost him to a stroke cause by a blood clot June 2018, but also used these drops to ease his anxiety due to frequent vet visits leading up to his stroke. Thank you for helping him be comfortable in his final days.

  9. Megan (verified owner)

    I have a Greater Swiss Mountain dog who has severe allergies (consistent ear scratching, chewing on paws till they bleed, and even hives). We were trying food after food, had him taking 10 x 25mg Benadryl a day and nothing was helping. I had previously purchased these drops for our other Greater Swiss with anxiety problems, so I decided to see if they would do anything to help with allergies. Within 3 days his paws had cleared up, his ears weren’t nearly as bad and we haven’t see his hives flare up! It was so awesome to find something that finally gave him relief. Can’t wait to see what other products they come out with (would love to see something with Turmeric for inflammation 😀 )

  10. Lindsay

    My 7 year old boy Oscar (he’s a rescue that looks like a dingo) has SEVERE anxiety, especially with bad weather and thunderstorms. He will pace, pant, whine, rub his nose to the point of bleeding on the carpet, and poop in the house if there’s a storm and we’re not home. We started giving him canna drops any time there is a storm or severe weather and the difference is amazing, he’s legit a different dog! Thank you for making a product for our animals that actually works!!!

  11. charity critchfield

    My pit had surgery on her knee and these have been amazing for her recovery!

  12. Danielle Vaillancourt (verified owner)

    My cat has feline hyperesthesia, and these drops have been a lifesaver. I finally have my sweet boy back! His episodes are much fewer and not as severe when they do occur, and I’m no longer scared he’s going to attack me or the other cats.

  13. Stephanie Lindsey (verified owner)

    Our 16 lb. dog developed trembling in his back legs due to arthritis. We gave this to him once a day for the last several years of his life and it was a life changer for him. We gave 4 drops daily of the 400mg. The trembling stopped. When we’d forget for a few days, the trembling came back. We really think his agility and comfort depended on these drops! The proof was there for us to see. Better than any pharmaceutical. Thank you!!

  14. JP

    We have two aging golden retrievers, ages 10.5 and 13. The 13 year old was diagnosed with cancer 16 months ago. After reading reviews on CBD oil we came across a review that said their dog had a tumor and they swear it slowed the growth of the tumor. We were willing to give it a try and we couldn’t be happier. We started with CannaDrops (400 mg Salmon oil – they love they taste!) right away and it wasn’t until 14 months later that our dog’s tumor had grown slightly in size. I can’t say for sure if it is due to the CannaDrops, but it is the only thing we have given (besides Glucosamine) since his cancer diagnosis. We are so happy and thankful that he is still with us today, still eating/drinking and loves his walks to the park and to get in the lake. His sister, age 10.5, also gets the CannaDrops. We give it to her because she plays and runs so hard chasing her ball. People always comment that she acts like a puppy and we believe it really does help with her joints.

  15. Gerrin

    My pup hurt himself jumping almost took him to 24hr emergency vet cause he was whining so i just gave him half of what thay recommended on the bottle and about 15 min later he is sleeping no more whining. I would recommend. For sure.

    • Sophie Silverstone

      We’re so glad CannaDrops Salmon worked so fast. That’s amazing! Thank you, Gerrin, for your review!

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