New Product: Healthy Hemp Pet Company CannaKit

Meet Healthy Hemp Pet Company CannaKitMeet the newest product in the Healthy Hemp Pet Company family: The CannaKit! Our CannaKit is a starter hemp kit that contains sample sizes of three of the most popular hemp products: CannaNatural, CannaDrops, and CannaBalm. The CannaKit is perfect for first-time buyers and makes a great gift for any pet lover. What we love about these trial sizes is that it helps pet owners determine which product works best for a pet’s needs, while not committing to buying the full-size product. We highly recommend Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaKit as your first purchase.

To date, reported benefits are:

  • Full Spectrum hemp oil may help with anxiety in pets.
  • Full Spectrum hemp oil may reduce aches and pain in pets.
  • Full Spectrum hemp oil may help with occasional stiffness in pets.
  • Full Spectrum hemp oil may help with movement ease for pets.
  • Green-lipped mussels has been shown beneficial in treating degenerative joint disease in animals.
  • Green-lipped mussels may help to support healthy joint function, reduce joint tenderness, stiffness and improve pain in animals.

Each CannaKit contains: a 1-oz bag of CannaNatural (ten biscuits), a .25 oz tin of CannaBalm, and two 5ML bottles of CannaDrops (one salmon and one coconut). The amount of Full Spectrum hemp oil per product can be found on the website or packaging.

For additional info, read our official press release here. You can purchase our CannaKit directly from our website our find a Healthy Hemp Pet Company retail partner near you who carries our pet hemp products.

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