Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials, Round Two

We share our Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials on Instagram often, but we do love compiling them into one place here as well. We have reason to proud of these, after all. Take a look and see for yourself how our hemp pet product are helping so many pets!

Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial RueMeet Rue, a 2-year-old adorable French Bulldog who suffers from seizures. Her owner credits CannaDrops for quite literally saving her life! You’re going to want to read this testimonial.

“Rue was slated to be a ‘breeding’ dog, but when she had a few small seizures the breeder put her up for sale. we were lucking enough to get to adopt her.

After a few weeks of having Rue, she had a cluster of seizures that led to an emergency middle of the night visit and upping her Phenobarbital… after the next cluster more drugs were added.  In October 2017, she had yet again a cluster of seizures, we again rushed her to the vet, but this time they were unable to “break’ the seizure cycle after many, many attempts.

We left broken hearted taking Rue home for the last time for our family to say their goodbyes. We were scheduled to take her back in the morning to be put to sleep. Rue had a port in her arm for us to administer the Valium to reduce the amount of seizures she would have. We alternated between the Valium and Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrops. Rue made it through the night and we stopped the Valium and only used the CannaDrops.

Over a year later, Rue has been seizure free thanks to Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrop! We have also been able to almost completely eliminate all other drugs while only using the CBD oil.  We are so grateful that found out about Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s products as we know we would not have our beautiful Rue otherwise. Thank you!” -Tracy H.


Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial AoifeMeet Aoife, a seven-year-old Border Collie who has shallow hip sockets, which results in movement difficulties.⁣⁣

“My beloved Border Collie has shallow hip sockets. I have tried a number of options, and none of them really did much. I figured I had nothing to lose in trying CannaDrops. ⁣⁣
In only a COUPLE OF HOURS, my girl went outside for a bathroom break and actually scampered down the hill to our lower yard. Something she has not done during the fall or winter in years. One half of a dropper of the CannaDrops 200 MG and she is visibly transformed. The limp is GONE from her bad side. She uses ALL FOUR legs to walk, not three, and not bunny hopping. ⁣

I can’t express how thankful I am other than to say you won a loyal customer for life.” – Todd B.⁣⁣


Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial SiriusMeet Sirius, a 9-year-old Husky mix who suffers from Degenerative Myelopathy. ⁣⁣
“After Sirius started showing signs of weakness in his back legs and he started to fall I took him to get tests run. After running every test possible and ruling out everything, he was diagnosed by a process of elimination, with degenerative myopathy. Devastated with the 6-12-month prognosis, I sought out a second (and a third) opinion. When the same results came back, I sought out alternative treatments to prolong his life and to keep him comfortable. Enter Healthy Hemp Pet Company! Sirius has been on the 400mg salmon flavored CannaDrops twice a day for the past few years and recently had the CannaCrush added to his diet. ⁣⁣
Not only is he still here with me, but his symptoms have stayed steady with only minimal decline. He also was able to get off of the prescription pills, which had awful side effects! I am so appreciative for the quality of these products and that they have given me more years with my beloved dog! I tell everyone and anyone about the wonderful products that has given Sirius a new lease on life! Thank you!” – Melissa P.⁣⁣

Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial: Equine CannaDrops

Our Equine CannaDrops launched mid-June and we’re already hearing about so many positive experiences from horse owners. Here’s our newest one. Meet Lucy, a 29-year-old American Paint Horse who uses Equine CannaDrops religiously to help with pain. Thank to her owner, Jodi, for sharing!

Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial Equine CannaDrops Lucy 2

“Lucy has been dealing with horrible arthritis for years and had a very challenging winter last year.  She would lie down, and many times was unable to get up, struggling until someone found her.  And every time she was ‘man-handled’ in getting her up, more and more of her spirit would disappear.

She’s been on Previcox for years to give any comfort and with no promising outlook from my vet of 20+ years, I found a holistic vet, Dr. Kim Henneman in Park City.  She, with her expertise and instinct has saved Lucy!  I have been a huge advocate for CBD for myself and my dogs and was thrilled to hear there was a product for horses.

It took a few weeks, starting in June to see a change as I lowered her dosage of Previcox and added the Equine CannaDrops along with the chiropractic work and acupuncture Kim gave her. She now looks and acts like a horse half her age…. a true miracle I have to say!

Thank you so much for offering such a great product!  I will be a strong voice in supporting people to use Healthy Hemp Pet Company products!” – Jodi R.

Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials

We are working on adding a testimonial section to our website! In the meantime, we’ve been sharing so many great Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials on our Instagram page. A few of our most recent Healthy  Hemp Pet Testimonials include pet owners treating pets for cancer, allergies, arthritis and PTSD. We love hearing about how you’re treating your own pet with our pet hemp products. If you have a story to share, please reach out! We’ll send you a little thank you for sharing.

Meet Tom… this handsome guy was recently diagnosed with feline cancer. He has a tumor on his spine and his loving owner reached out to us for help. He’s been using our CannaDrops Immune Supporter for the past two months. ⁣“The second month of CannaDrops Immune Supporter made such a difference! He plays like a kitten again and looks so good. You have an amazing product. I’m forever grateful!” – Lauren⁣ R.
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials: Tom
Meet Addie… this sweet girl’s mom has been using our Coconut CannaDrops to treat arthritis and seasonal allergies!  “I am so grateful for this product! Our 5-year-old lab has arthritis in both back legs and seasonal allergies. She was on Gabapentin and Tramadol twice a day and was drowsy and still showed signs of pain and discomfort. We started using CannaDrops and have been able to stop the Gabapentin completely and only give Tramadol once a day. She is walking, running and jumping again! We are so thankful we came across this product!!” – Brittany B.
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial: Addie⁣⁣
⁣⁣Meet Splash… this eight-year-old lab is being treated for PTSD from a traumatic event he witnessed two years prior to starting a regimen of CannaNatural. We are thrilled to be able to help this guy find a little more happiness in his day-to-day life.⁣“I’ve noticed a change in him and he just seems happier and more playful. He’s smiling a lot more and seems like himself again!” – Cassandra A.⁣
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial: Splash

Equine CannaDrops Testimonial!

We love hearing about how our hemp products help your animals, so this Equine CannaDrops testimonial was a favorite! Not only did this horse owner share a rave review, but she sent videos of her horse before Equine CannaDrops and 30 minutes after. A huge thanks to Jordan for sharing!

“I have worked with horses my entire life. It is something I have always loved. Just recently I bought a new horse that had a lot of anxiety. He was a great horse but seemed to always be on edge. I had heard about these horse hemp drops and thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but It was amazing! After 30 minutes he was calm and relaxed. This horse hemp really just helped calmed him enough to ride and focus on what I was asking him to do. He also had less anxiety when we were away from other horses, during shoeing and while tied to the trailer. I will keep using Equine CannaDrops!” -Jordan A. Johnson, DPT

To read more about Equine CannaDrops visit the product page!