Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

Holiday Gift Guide for PetsWith the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to make sure you have something special for all the pets in your life. We can help! Below is our holiday gift guide for pets, as well as your pet loving friends and family members.

  • Our CannaKit is a perfect gift for pets who haven’t used our hemp products in the past.
  • Humans aren’t the only ones that appreciate holiday baked goods! Pick up some dog cookies for your pet at Ma & Paws Bakery.
  • If your pets suffer from situational anxiety, pain, or even age related aches the gift of Coconut CannaDrops will be appreciated!
  • Our immunity line is perfect for pets who could use an extra boost of immunity due to illness or age. CannaCrush Immune Supporter and CannaDrops Immune Supporter can be ordered online or found at select retailers.
  • CannaBalm is a perfect option for pets with achy muscles, uncomfortable joints, and skin rashes due to allergies or cold weather.
  • Probiotics for your pets are great stocking stuffers, because who doesn’t appreciate a healthy gut! We like these ones.
  • Kitty friends will appreciate CannaCrush, Salmon CannaSpray or Salmon CannaDrops. All great options for felines!
  • If you have a treat loving dogs gift our CannaNatural. We also love the freeze-dried raw treats from Pet Wants!
  • A new leash and/or collar make great gifts! Choose a retailer near you and stop in to look at their selection.
  • For the horses or horse owners in your live, our Equine CannaDrops is a perfect option.
  • Pet grooming gift cards are ideal, because it’s a gift the pet and pet owner can enjoy! Our retailer section has plenty of grooming salons to choose from.

For more pet gift ideas, take a trip to one of our retail partners! Sometimes just visiting a boutique pet store will help you decide what to buy for your pets, and pet loving friends and family members!





Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials, Round Two

We share our Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials on Instagram often, but we do love compiling them into one place here as well. We have reason to proud of these, after all. Take a look and see for yourself how our hemp pet product are helping so many pets!

Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial RueMeet Rue, a 2-year-old adorable French Bulldog who suffers from seizures. Her owner credits CannaDrops for quite literally saving her life! You’re going to want to read this testimonial.

“Rue was slated to be a ‘breeding’ dog, but when she had a few small seizures the breeder put her up for sale. we were lucking enough to get to adopt her.

After a few weeks of having Rue, she had a cluster of seizures that led to an emergency middle of the night visit and upping her Phenobarbital… after the next cluster more drugs were added.  In October 2017, she had yet again a cluster of seizures, we again rushed her to the vet, but this time they were unable to “break’ the seizure cycle after many, many attempts.

We left broken hearted taking Rue home for the last time for our family to say their goodbyes. We were scheduled to take her back in the morning to be put to sleep. Rue had a port in her arm for us to administer the Valium to reduce the amount of seizures she would have. We alternated between the Valium and Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrops. Rue made it through the night and we stopped the Valium and only used the CannaDrops.

Over a year later, Rue has been seizure free thanks to Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s CannaDrop! We have also been able to almost completely eliminate all other drugs while only using the CBD oil.  We are so grateful that found out about Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s products as we know we would not have our beautiful Rue otherwise. Thank you!” -Tracy H.


Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial AoifeMeet Aoife, a seven-year-old Border Collie who has shallow hip sockets, which results in movement difficulties.⁣⁣

“My beloved Border Collie has shallow hip sockets. I have tried a number of options, and none of them really did much. I figured I had nothing to lose in trying CannaDrops. ⁣⁣
In only a COUPLE OF HOURS, my girl went outside for a bathroom break and actually scampered down the hill to our lower yard. Something she has not done during the fall or winter in years. One half of a dropper of the CannaDrops 200 MG and she is visibly transformed. The limp is GONE from her bad side. She uses ALL FOUR legs to walk, not three, and not bunny hopping. ⁣

I can’t express how thankful I am other than to say you won a loyal customer for life.” – Todd B.⁣⁣


Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial SiriusMeet Sirius, a 9-year-old Husky mix who suffers from Degenerative Myelopathy. ⁣⁣
“After Sirius started showing signs of weakness in his back legs and he started to fall I took him to get tests run. After running every test possible and ruling out everything, he was diagnosed by a process of elimination, with degenerative myopathy. Devastated with the 6-12-month prognosis, I sought out a second (and a third) opinion. When the same results came back, I sought out alternative treatments to prolong his life and to keep him comfortable. Enter Healthy Hemp Pet Company! Sirius has been on the 400mg salmon flavored CannaDrops twice a day for the past few years and recently had the CannaCrush added to his diet. ⁣⁣
Not only is he still here with me, but his symptoms have stayed steady with only minimal decline. He also was able to get off of the prescription pills, which had awful side effects! I am so appreciative for the quality of these products and that they have given me more years with my beloved dog! I tell everyone and anyone about the wonderful products that has given Sirius a new lease on life! Thank you!” – Melissa P.⁣⁣

Organic full-spectrum terpene rich PCR hemp oil… what the what?

 Organic full-spectrum terpene rich PCR hemp oil blog post photoYou may have noticed recently that we’ve changed what we are calling our hemp oil. We are now referring to it as organic full-spectrum terpene rich PCR hemp oil. We’ve always been a full transparency hemp company and will continue this even when our label designer is left scratching their head in confusion. 😉

To explain this change a little more, we thought a short Q&A with our founder, Dave, was in order to help you understand why this change is important, and to help you understand what organic full-spectrum terpene rich PCR hemp oil means.

 When looking for hemp oil what should you look for?

The first thing to always look for is where was it grown. Always choice hemp grown in the USA, it’s cleaner and not full of toxins like hemp from elsewhere. The next thing to watch for is how was the hemp extracted? You don’t want an extraction method that uses too many chemicals. Our preferred extraction method is Vapor Distillation, which is 100% chemical free. Are you able to find Certificates of Analysis for the hemp? As a full-disclosure company, we have COAs onsite for anyone to see at any time. And lastly, always choose a full-spectrum hemp oil.

What does full spectrum mean?

Full spectrum or whole plant extract is oil extracted from the hemp plant which contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant. In addition, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, and terpenes are found in full-spectrum hemp oil. All good things that you want!

What does terpene rich mean?

Terpenes rich means that the whole plant is used in the extraction process and retains the terpenes which are fragrant compounds that give cannabis unique properties. Terpenes work synergistically to enhance the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, resulting in an entourage effect. You should always buy a hemp oil product that has as many terpenes as possible.

Why choose PCR oil instead of CBD oil?

We get it, hemp terminology is confusing and seems to change often! PCR hemp oil has all of the tools (cannabinoids and terpenes) from a cannabis plant. Whereas CBD hemp oil is only one of the tools available, the cannabinoids. Opt for a PCR hemp oil to get all the benefits possible.

When checking label ingredients of hemp products what is the best hemp oil to look for?

There are three ways to extract hemp oil from the plant: ethanol, CO2, and Vapor Distillation. Vapor Distillation offers the cleanest extraction and uses zero chemicals, only heated hair. Look for how the hemp was extracted, look for a full-spectrum PCR hemp oil and when you can, choose organic!

We hope this helps explain why using organic full-spectrum terpene rich PCR hemp oil is so beneficial to your pets!


National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month FBOctober is National Pet Wellness Month. It’s the perfect time to make sure you’re giving your pet the preventative care they need. This is the easiest way to help your pet live a longer and healthier life! National Pet Wellness Month is a national campaign sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and something we are happy to promote!

We put together a list of tips to help you prioritize your pet’s wellness:

Annual exams

Pets should visit the veterinarian at least once a year. Annual exams are a great opportunity to check on the overall health, and check on vaccination status.


Not only do the procedures prevent individual medical problems such as mammary and testicular tumors and uterine infections, spaying or neutering also helps curb pet overpopulation. Spay and neuter surgeries can be safely performed as early as 8-12 weeks of age.

Weight management

Veterinarians classified 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of cats were classified as overweight or obese. Prevention is much easier to accomplish than treatment. Make sure your pet is eating the right food and getting enough exercise.

Balanced diet

Commercial pet food makes it easy to provide a nutritionally balanced and complete diet. Pet foods contain all of the nutrients pets need in the appropriate quantities. If you’re feeding your pet homemade food, ask your veterinarian for a supplement recommendation.

Dental care

Have your pet’s teeth and oral health checked annually. If left unchecked, dental disease can lead to kidney problems or nutritional issues if the pet cannot adequately chew and digest food. Brushing your dog’s teeth at home is a great way to keep this in check.

Senior pets

As animals age, their dietary requirements and their ability to digest certain foods changes. As pets age, they lose some ability to concentrate urine, so they need to produce more, and need more water intake. Talk to your veterinarian about feeding your pet better quality proteins and avoiding red meats like beef and beef by-products. Doing this will decrease the workload on the kidneys and help prevent diseases and health issues from developing.

Pet comfort

To make senior pets more comfortable, consider purchasing our pet hemp products. CannaCrush and CannaCrush Immune Supporter are excellent for aging pets who need a little extra pep in their step. For younger pets who need help with situational anxiety, pain or other elements we have a range of hemp products to choose from. If you need help choosing the right hemp product for your pet, we are here to help! Just ask.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety TipsWhile Halloween is full of spooky fun for us, it can be just plain spooky for our pets. Here are some Halloween pet safety tips to keep your furry friend safe and less anxious.

  • Do not feel your pets Halloween candy. Chocolate and xylitol are especially dangerous for pets.
  • If you use candles to light your jack-o-lanterns, keep them safely away from pets.
  • Keep glow sticks and other glow jewelry away from pets.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with up-to-date tags. Pets can easily escape through an open door while you’re distracted with trick-or-treaters.
  • If you plan on putting a costume on your pet, make sure it’s comfortable and fits properly so breathing isn’t constricted. Take the time to let your pets get used to the costumes before Halloween. Never leave your pet unsupervised while in costume. Make sure your pet still wears collar and tags while in the costume.
  • Keep your pet inside, even outside dogs. The outdoors can be especially dangerous on Halloween if your pet manages to escape your yard.
  • If your pet is wary of strangers or gets anxious when someone is at your door put them in another room during trick-or-treating hours.
  • If your pet is prone to anxiety, consider dosing them with one of our Healthy Hemp Pet Company products to reduce anxiety. Dose them prior to the onset of trick-or-treaters, and plan for a 30-minute absorption rate. If you’re new to our hemp products for pets, you can order a trial size of our popular CannaNatural. Another great option for situational anxiety is our CannaDrops, which comes in two flavors: Coconut CannaDrops and Salmon CannaDrops.

Five Tips for a Happy Cat Month!

Healthy Hemp Pet Company Happy Cat Month

September is Happy Cat Month!

Created to spread the word about the health, happiness, welfare and value of companion cats. Cats are often viewed as self-reliant and less in need of medical care than other pets. This is simply not true! Cats deserve proper care, good nutrition, routine veterinary care and the ability to live a happy and enriched life.

Here are five ways you can improve your cat’s happiness:

Cat Health

Find out how frequently your vet clinic recommends coming in for wellness visits. This will depend on the age and condition of your feline friend, so be sure to ask. Make sure your feline is being seen regularly by your veterinarian. If your cat is taking medication(s), make sure they haven’t expired and aren’t missing doses. If you’re looking for holistic ways to treat your cat for a variety of conditions, check out our ground option for pets: CannaCrush. We also have Salmon CannaDrops and Salmon CannaSpray, both applications are great for felines!

Cat Identification

Verify that you have a correct address and phone number on your cat’s collar and tag. Consider Microchipping your cat as well. If your feline friend escapes or gets lost, having this type of permanent ID will make a reunion between you and your pet much more likely.

Cat Nutrition

Are you buying high quality cat food? Cats are carnivores and don’t always thrive on a grain only diet. Cats are the healthiest and happiest when they get protein-rich food. If your cat normally eats dry food, add some canned food as an extra treat! The canned cat food is higher in protein and comes with the benefit of extra hydration that cats need.

Cat Entertainment

Make sure your cat has spaces to explore, climb, and hide. You can even entertain your cat with television! Cats can also be walked on a leash with a harness. This helps so they can periodically and safely experience the world outside their window. If unable to walk your cat outdoors, consider setting up a perch near a window so they can see outside.

Cat Hunting

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s likely your pet eats out of a dish or bowel, which doesn’t encourage a cat’s natural hunting instinct. Consider finding a food toy that lets you hide dry cat food inside, so they can hunt for food.