Super Tips for Retailers to Conquer SuperZoo

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Superzoo is like a family reunion. It’s overwhelming, with lots of people you don’t know, and everyone wants your attention. Unlike a family reunion, you can and should pass on those who aren’t going to make the event worthwhile for you.

Connect with Pet Product Suppliers

There’s no substitute for a trade show like SuperZoo. There are industry leaders giving away trade secrets and discounts on the pet products you want. Plus, you get to talk to actual people and find those whose business values match your own.

But how? How do you identify an indispensable industry contact from someone trying to sell you things you don’t need? How do you rise above the chaos and conquer at SuperZoo? It’s not easy. It’s a real zoo. (See what we did there?) Our advice: treat SuperZoo like the real zoo. Know what you have to see, plan your route, and have a schedule in mind.

1) Determine Your Store Goals

  • What are your primary objectives in attending?
  • Do you want to get popular products to increase store traffic or do your customers want specialty items they can’t order online?
  • How much are you able to spend on which segments of your business?
  • How much time will you spend visiting with old contacts?
  • Have employees attending? How can you best divide and conquer?

Answering these questions will mean the difference between hand wringing and making confident decisions that leave you with the energy you’ll need to own this tradeshow. Speaking of which, have a plan, but be realistic. It’s Vegas in the middle of summer. You can’t do everything and you don’t want to. Anticipate the time you’ll need for meals and getting off your feet. (Lunch meetings can be a fantastic way to multitask!) Also, don’t forget water and a snack bar. This is one tradeshow where you won’t want to eat the free samples.

2) Strategize

There are over 1,000 booths this year! So how do you find the people that can help you advance towards your goals? Take note of the seminar schedule. Study the SuperZoo attendee list (you can search by category using their website’s advanced search function!) Make early decisions about who you need and want to talk to. Schedule appointments with them in advance or visit their booths on Day 1.

You’ll also want to decide how to best track your experience. Do you bring a notepad and go over everything at your hotel in the evenings? Will your planner suffice or should you be setting alarms on your phone to remind you of meetings? Will you save phone numbers on your phone, with business cards, or on paper?

Whatever systems you use, identify them beforehand. Those names and businesses you think you’ll remember, will be gone by the end of the Kenny Loggins concert. If you’re going digital, consider a portable battery to charge your phone.

3) Consider the Map

If you haven’t seen the convention center before, or got stuck in one sector in previous years, don’t forget: SuperZoo is huge. It’s tiring enough making deals and industry contacts without traversing two football fields between every meet.

Luckily, SuperZoo does try to keep areas mostly organized so two raw food vendors shouldn’t be on opposite sides of the convention center. Download the SuperZoo app before you arrive for a map you can load before and during the event.

Figure out where your top priority contacts are located ahead of time. Then strategize how best to visit them without getting blisters. Speaking of which, and we cannot say it enough: comfortable shoes.

4) Oh, and Have Fun!

Don’t let all the preplanning intimidate you. SuperZoo is a good time with over 10,000 people who loved animals so much they made careers out of it. You might forget your phone at that pet massage booth or spend way too much time trying to decide if you should buy your dog a CleverPet Hub. (They’re so cool!) But you’re going to have fun either way. Just try to get some work done too.

And, if your tight schedule allows, come visit us in booth #6419! It’s worth it!

New Product: CannaDrops Immune Supporter

We have another new product; can you believe it?! Meet CannaDrops Immune Supporter! Remember our fun turkey tail mushroom taste test video? It was all leading up to this new pet product launch. One that we are especially proud of!

This revolutionary new pet health product combines PCR-hemp oil and turkey tail mushroom for a powerhouse formulation, which may help pets with a variety of health conditions including cancer!

To date, benefits are: 1) Turkey tail mushroom has been shown to modulate the immune system, important for fighting diseases such as cancer, infections, and other illnesses. 2) A stronger immune system can help combat deadly cancer cells, making turkey tail mushroom a potent cancer-fighting food.

Each bottle of CannaDrops Immune Supporter contains 3000 mg USDA Certified Organic full-flower turkey tail mushroom concentrate, and 600 mg USDA Certified Organic, vapor distilled PCR-hemp oil.

CannaDrops Immune Supporter is the first of its kind! The only pet health product on the market to contain the benefits of medicinal hemp and the benefits of medicinal mushrooms! For additional info, read our press release here and purchase CannaDrops Immune Supporter here!


Understanding Industrial Hemp in the Federal Farm Bill of 2018

Understanding Industrial PRC Hemp Oil in the Federal Farm Act

Green Gray Areas

It’s no secret that the legal status of hemp is somewhat of a gray area. Of course, certain states have passed laws legalizing recreational or medical marijuana. These laws make it legal to grow (in certain quantities, with certain licensure) all breeds of the hemp plant. However, most people don’t know that there’s also a federal pathway towards growing hemp that’s been around 2014! 

The Agricultural Act of 2014 (also called the Federal Farm Bill) set up rules for the growth and sale of “industrial hemp.” It identified “industrial hemp” as marijuana with a THC content of .3% or less at dry weight. THC is the compound in marijuana that creates the euphoric state we associate with getting “high.” That’s the legislation that PCR hemp oil makers like Healthy Hemp Pet Co. rely on as we bring animal health products with beneficial cannabinoids to market. And it’s time for the Senate Agriculture Committee to propose the next iteration of the Farm Bill for approval by Congress, which is occurs every five years.

Federal Who Bill?

The Federal Farm Bill helps regulate various agricultural and food programs. The proposed Agricultural Act of 2018 now (as of June 14th) includes The Hemp Farming Act of 2018. The legislation would remove hemp from the Controlled Substances list and designate it as an agricultural commodity. It would also open up the ability of researchers to apply for government grants to study hemp. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the research around hemp is not where we wish it were, and the proposed legislation would be a fantastic step in the right direction! Knowledge is power!

The Value of PCR Hemp Oil

On top of hemp’s potential in health products to provide valuable cannabinoids, hemp is useful in all kinds of environmentally-friendly ways! Hemp is cheaper and faster to grow than cotton and less damaging to the soil. Hemp can be used to make clothes, paper, and plastics stronger than steel. We applaud Senator McConnell’s work towards making hemp more legal to grow and also the work of the other 24 senators supporting the legislation.

The Agricultural Act of 2018 will soon be up for consideration by the Senate. Call or write your Senator’s office and ask for support! On is a form that will contact your representatives and encourage them to vote “yes” on the federal farm bill. Let’s tell our representatives we want PCR hemp oil products available to all help those who need them!

New Product: Equine CannaDrops!

Equine CannaDrops with PRC-hemp oil Meet Equine CannaDrops, the newest product in our Healthy Hemp Pet Company line-up. We saw a need in the equine community for animal owners to have the option to treat conditions with an all-natural, holistic product such as PCR-hemp oil… so we went ahead and created one!

Equine CannaDrops offers a cost effective way to treat horses for a variety of conditions. And even comes in a barn-friendly aluminum bottle! Each bottle contains 1600 mg PRC- hemp oil and coconut oil.

As part of our commitment to provide high-quality, natural ingredients Equine CannaDrops contains USDA certified organic full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado, using vapor distillation to maintain 100% chemical free hemp oil.


Reported benefits are:

  • PCR-hemp oil may help with occasional stiffness.
  • PCR-hemp oil may help with movement ease.
  • PCR-hemp oil may help with trailer anxiety and to calm nerves.
  • Coconut oil may improve immunity.
  • Coconut oil may alleviate digestive disorders.
  • Coconut oil may heal wounds faster.

As always, a huge thanks to our retail partners and customers for the continued support. For additional info, read our press release here and purchase Equine CannaDrops here!

What Do Pets Think of CannaDrops with Turkey Tail Mushroom?

Have you ever wondered what goes into making an all-natural pet health product? At Healthy Hemp Pet, we start with all-natural ingredients that support pet health. For a long time, that’s been hemp oil and green-lipped mussels to support joint flexibility. Now we’re changing the game again!

Talking Turkey Tail

Our newest all-natural pet health product ingredient is USDA organic turkey tail mushroom extract!

For thousands of years, Trametes versicolor has been used in China as an ingredient in tea to support immune system function. The FDA has approved two clinical trials to study the potential of turkey tail mushroom extract to slow the growth of cancer cells and have positive effects on treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy. These mushrooms have also been at the center of 5.4 million dollar studies funded by the National Institute of Health.

While the industry’s understanding of the effects of these mushrooms isn’t where we wish it was, they do believes that turkey tail mushrooms acts as an immunomodulator. In animal studies, it helps cells communicate with each other and prevent immune suppression.

And an ingredient that supports a healthy immune system sounds like a perfect candidate for Healthy Hemp Pet products! We think lots of pets could benefit from a product that enhances the immune system response. So, we’re adding it to our line of CannaDrops! Soon, pet parents will be able to purchase CannaDrops with turkey tail mushroom!

Tried and Tested

We recently did a little of our own research at Healthy Pets Mountain West with different carrier oils. You can see for yourself and watch the video here!

For additional info, please check out our event coverage and retailer spotlight. Our fantastic research buddies helped us test out whether turkey tail mushrooms were tastiest in salmon oil, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerin. And the winner was coconut oil by a landslide!

Now that’s good info to have as we continue making our all-natural pet health product line even healthier.

We are very excited to add this super ingredient to our CannaDrops and see how it can help our customers! Stay tuned to learn more about this upcoming all-natural pet health product!

Healthy Hemp Pet Company’s Retailer Spotlight: Healthy Pets Mountain West!

hemp-based product healthy pets retailer spotlight

Healthy Hemp Pet Company: Retailer Spotlight!

As Healthy Hemp Pet Company continues to grow and expand, we are more grateful than ever for our fantastic pet retailers. They really are the lifeblood of our whole company. So what better store to start out our Retailer Spotlight Series with than the first store to carry our products?

Love at First Sample

Three years ago, our founder, Dave, was buying dog food at Healthy Pets Mountain West when he got talking to Kris, the owner. Dave mentioned that he was working on a hemp-based pet product. Kris had lots of questions about what this particular product would do and how it would work.

Since she was so interested, Dave brought her a few bags of the original batch of CannaNatural. Dave asked her to give them away and help him test out. When those ran out, Kris bought a whole case. And Healthy Pets Mountain West has been one of our top retailers ever since!

A Growing Experience

Since her first order three years ago, Healthy Hemp Pet products are now in over 300 stores nationwide! (We have to brag just a little bit!) That’s a lot of growth and we owe it all to our fantastic pet retailers. Each one took a chance on a new, local business, and put time and energy into learning about the benefits of hemp for pets.

Healthy Pets Mountain West just had their 3rd annual Spring Fling with pet psychics and giveaways. We even set up a little taste test booth with our newest hemp-based pet product! A fun post about that event coming soon. We caught up with Kris to ask her what made her pet store unique. Check out the interview video here!

Healthy Pets Mountain West is located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah on 2352 Fort Union Boulevard. Let’s give them back some of the love they’ve given us over the years!