Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials

We are working on adding a testimonial section to our website! In the meantime, we’ve been sharing so many great Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials on our Instagram page. A few of our most recent Healthy  Hemp Pet Testimonials include pet owners treating pets for cancer, allergies, arthritis and PTSD. We love hearing about how you’re treating your own pet with our pet hemp products. If you have a story to share, please reach out! We’ll send you a little thank you for sharing.

Meet Tom… this handsome guy was recently diagnosed with feline cancer. He has a tumor on his spine and his loving owner reached out to us for help. He’s been using our CannaDrops Immune Supporter for the past two months. ⁣“The second month of CannaDrops Immune Supporter made such a difference! He plays like a kitten again and looks so good. You have an amazing product. I’m forever grateful!” – Lauren⁣ R.
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonials: Tom
Meet Addie… this sweet girl’s mom has been using our Coconut CannaDrops to treat arthritis and seasonal allergies!  “I am so grateful for this product! Our 5-year-old lab has arthritis in both back legs and seasonal allergies. She was on Gabapentin and Tramadol twice a day and was drowsy and still showed signs of pain and discomfort. We started using CannaDrops and have been able to stop the Gabapentin completely and only give Tramadol once a day. She is walking, running and jumping again! We are so thankful we came across this product!!” – Brittany B.
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial: Addie⁣⁣
⁣⁣Meet Splash… this eight-year-old lab is being treated for PTSD from a traumatic event he witnessed two years prior to starting a regimen of CannaNatural. We are thrilled to be able to help this guy find a little more happiness in his day-to-day life.⁣“I’ve noticed a change in him and he just seems happier and more playful. He’s smiling a lot more and seems like himself again!” – Cassandra A.⁣
Healthy Hemp Pet Testimonial: Splash

New Product: CannaCrush Immune Supporter

Meet CannaCrush Immune Supporter with Turkey Tail MushroomIt’s true, we have yet another new Healthy Hemp Pet Company product. Meet CannaCrush Immune Supporter!

This new holistic pet health product combines our three premium ingredients for optimal pet health: USDA Certified Organic PCR hemp oil, USDA Certified Organic turkey tail mushroom, and New Zealand green-lipped mussels.

These premium health ingredients, when combined, may help pets with a variety of immunity issues including cancer and other health conditions such as movement and joint concerns.

CannaCrush Immune Supporter comes in a crush form for easier consumption, making it ideal for older pets and feline friends.


To date, reported benefits for these premium ingredients are:

  • Turkey tail mushroom has been shown to modulate the immune system, important for fighting diseases such as cancer, infections, and other illnesses.
  • A stronger immune system can help combat deadly cancer cells, making turkey tail mushroom a potent cancer-fighting ingredient.
  • PCR-hemp oil may help with occasional stiffness.
  • PCR-hemp oil may help with movement ease.
  • Green-lipped mussels has been shown beneficial in treating degenerative joint disease in animals.
  • Green-lipped mussels may help to support healthy joint function, reduce joint tenderness, stiffness and improve pain.

Each CannaCrush Immune Supporter 8-ounce tin contains 160 mg PCR-hemp oil, 32000 mg turkey tail mushroom concentrate, and 32000 mg green-lipped mussels. For additional info, read thepress release, the CannaCrush Immune Supporter product sheet, and purchase CannaCrush Immune Supporter here!

Equine CannaDrops Testimonial!

We love hearing about how our hemp products help your animals, so this Equine CannaDrops testimonial was a favorite! Not only did this horse owner share a rave review, but she sent videos of her horse before Equine CannaDrops and 30 minutes after. A huge thanks to Jordan for sharing!

“I have worked with horses my entire life. It is something I have always loved. Just recently I bought a new horse that had a lot of anxiety. He was a great horse but seemed to always be on edge. I had heard about these horse hemp drops and thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but It was amazing! After 30 minutes he was calm and relaxed. This horse hemp really just helped calmed him enough to ride and focus on what I was asking him to do. He also had less anxiety when we were away from other horses, during shoeing and while tied to the trailer. I will keep using Equine CannaDrops!” -Jordan A. Johnson, DPT

To read more about Equine CannaDrops visit the product page!

Prevent Firework Anxiety in Pets

firework anxiety in pets photo Prevent Firework Anxiety in Pets

The Fourth of July holiday, for some, is the best part of Summer. Sadly, our pets don’t always agree. Firework anxiety in pets is a huge issue. More pets run away from home over this holiday than any other day of the year. As pet parents ourselves, nothing scares us more than lost pets. Here are five tips to keep your pets feeling safe and secure during firework season:

  • Keep your pets safely away from fireworks: Pets are sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights, and strong smells. The combination of all three during a firework show is bound to upset your pet. Be sure to leave your pet safely indoors, and if possible with a sound machine, radio, or television left on to help block out some of the loud noises.
  • If your pet is frightened by fireworks, get additional help: If your pet experiences fear during thunderstorms, it’s a good indication that fireworks will also frighten them. Don’t worry, we can help! Our products may alleviate situational anxiety such as fireworks. If you’ve not used our products before, now is the perfect time to try them out. Order Healthy Hemp Pet Company products online or find a pet store or clinic that carries our hemp pet products. Check our pet retailer page here.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar with readable ID tags: All pets (even indoor pets) should always have a collar with ID tags. It’s even better if your pet is microchipped. If your pet does escape and become lost, contact your local animal control and surrounding animal shelters immediately.
  • Wear your pet out prior to fireworks: Take your pet for a lengthy walk or playdate before the fireworks start. Give them plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves to avoid potty breaks outside during the fireworks.
  • Secure your home: Most pet owners have already secured their homes, but take additional precaution during firework season. Dogs have been known to bolt through screens trying to escape loud noises, so close all windows and doors. Check your fence for any loose boards or openings that your pet could slip through or dig out of.

Please remember fireworks are terrifying for pets, so be extra loving and patient with your fur babies. We, at Healthy Hemp Pet Company, wish you and your beloved pet a safe and happy holiday.


Understanding Vapor Distillation

Understanding Vapor Distillation Process Photo from AdobeWe’ve been getting a lot of questions about our hemp oil extraction process lately and what makes it a preferred process. Here’s where we start to geek out a bit, because Vapor Distillation™ really is quite incredible!

This extraction method results in the first naturally-extracted PCR hemp oil on the market, completely free of chlorophylls and carbonic acid. Yes, that’s right… 100% chemical free! Even better? Our supplier is the first USDA certified organic hemp greenhouse in the state of Colorado. This means they practice biodynamic farming techniques, use ladybugs for pest control, and have a zero-waste facility! It doesn’t get more natural than that.

Cool right? Though what does this mean for retailers and consumers? Great question, it means we have the highest level of naturally-occurring terpenes of any activated edible oil. The Vapor Distillation™ process leaves even more of the natural plant profile intact, and also improves final product taste. You might be asking yourself, how does this even work? Well, we’ve got a video in the work to explain it. Until then, let us explain the extraction process:

Vapor Distillation Process for chemical free PCR Hemp Oil

The Vapor Distillation™ process uses heated air to gently extract both CBD and beneficial terpenes without the use of chemicals or harsh solvents. Heated air is passed through our hemp flowers to evaporate CBD and terpenes from the surface of the hemp in the form of a vapor. This vapor is then collected and condensed into a terpene-rich, full-spectrum CBD concentrate, totally free of chemicals! And chemical free PCR hemp oil means we are able to keep our pet health products as natural as possible!

Super Tips for Retailers to Conquer SuperZoo

SuperZoo Pet Hemp Retailer image

Superzoo is like a family reunion. It’s overwhelming, with lots of people you don’t know, and everyone wants your attention. Unlike a family reunion, you can and should pass on those who aren’t going to make the event worthwhile for you.

Connect with Pet Product Suppliers

There’s no substitute for a trade show like SuperZoo. There are industry leaders giving away trade secrets and discounts on the pet products you want. Plus, you get to talk to actual people and find those whose business values match your own.

But how? How do you identify an indispensable industry contact from someone trying to sell you things you don’t need? How do you rise above the chaos and conquer at SuperZoo? It’s not easy. It’s a real zoo. (See what we did there?) Our advice: treat SuperZoo like the real zoo. Know what you have to see, plan your route, and have a schedule in mind.

1) Determine Your Store Goals

  • What are your primary objectives in attending?
  • Do you want to get popular products to increase store traffic or do your customers want specialty items they can’t order online?
  • How much are you able to spend on which segments of your business?
  • How much time will you spend visiting with old contacts?
  • Have employees attending? How can you best divide and conquer?

Answering these questions will mean the difference between hand wringing and making confident decisions that leave you with the energy you’ll need to own this tradeshow. Speaking of which, have a plan, but be realistic. It’s Vegas in the middle of summer. You can’t do everything and you don’t want to. Anticipate the time you’ll need for meals and getting off your feet. (Lunch meetings can be a fantastic way to multitask!) Also, don’t forget water and a snack bar. This is one tradeshow where you won’t want to eat the free samples.

2) Strategize

There are over 1,000 booths this year! So how do you find the people that can help you advance towards your goals? Take note of the seminar schedule. Study the SuperZoo attendee list (you can search by category using their website’s advanced search function!) Make early decisions about who you need and want to talk to. Schedule appointments with them in advance or visit their booths on Day 1.

You’ll also want to decide how to best track your experience. Do you bring a notepad and go over everything at your hotel in the evenings? Will your planner suffice or should you be setting alarms on your phone to remind you of meetings? Will you save phone numbers on your phone, with business cards, or on paper?

Whatever systems you use, identify them beforehand. Those names and businesses you think you’ll remember, will be gone by the end of the Kenny Loggins concert. If you’re going digital, consider a portable battery to charge your phone.

3) Consider the Map

If you haven’t seen the convention center before, or got stuck in one sector in previous years, don’t forget: SuperZoo is huge. It’s tiring enough making deals and industry contacts without traversing two football fields between every meet.

Luckily, SuperZoo does try to keep areas mostly organized so two raw food vendors shouldn’t be on opposite sides of the convention center. Download the SuperZoo app before you arrive for a map you can load before and during the event.

Figure out where your top priority contacts are located ahead of time. Then strategize how best to visit them without getting blisters. Speaking of which, and we cannot say it enough: comfortable shoes.

4) Oh, and Have Fun!

Don’t let all the preplanning intimidate you. SuperZoo is a good time with over 10,000 people who loved animals so much they made careers out of it. You might forget your phone at that pet massage booth or spend way too much time trying to decide if you should buy your dog a CleverPet Hub. (They’re so cool!) But you’re going to have fun either way. Just try to get some work done too.

And, if your tight schedule allows, come visit us in booth #6419! It’s worth it!