About Our Products

Healthy Hemp Pet hemp is grown and processed in Colorado. Our hemp(CBD) oil supplier is the only large scale, fully vertically integrated, U.S. based, 100% federally legal producer and distributor of the highest quality medicinal hemp in the United States. This means they are the largest U.S. manufacturer of full-spectrum hemp(CBD) oil. They are also the only company in the world producing zero THC, full-spectrum, water soluble phytocannanabinoids.

What separates our supplier from others, begins with their proprietary hemp strain. The cross-breeding of this strain took place over a seven-year period specifically to reduce the amount of naturally occurring THC down to the level that classified it as “industrial hemp” (less than .03%). While everyone else was cross-breeding their hemp strains to increase the level of THC, this supplier had the foresight to do the complete opposite! Their proprietary extraction process incorporates a gas chromatography method, allowing them to identify the naturally occurring THC and separate it out completely, instantly, while leaving intact the other synergistic components of the oil.

We’ve experienced a 30-minute absorption rate for CannaNatural™, CannaCrush™, CannaDrops™ and CannaSpray™. CannaBalm™ helps in about 20 minutes and lasts 3-4 hours.

No. Full Spectrum hemp(CBD) is not a psychotropic cannabinoid. The high-quality hemp oil in Healthy Hemp Pet Company pet health products contains less than 0.3% THC, which is a potentially psychotropic cannabinoid.

No. Any companion or work animal can use Healthy Hemp Pet Company pet health products.

Check with your specific organizations.

Not if you are using them for temporary challenges such as situational anxiety from fireworks, thunder or car travel.

Of course, we would love to hear from your Veterinarian and would be happy to answer questions and provide information.

There are no known negative reactions or contraindications when used with other medications and supplements. Please consult your pet’s veterinarian.

Healthy Hemp Pet Company products provide natural support for the health and balance of your pet’s endocannabinoid systems. Our pet health products are not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or condition. Making these product claims in the marketplace establishes the product as a “drug” under section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, for which the claims must be evaluated by the FDA.

We have a Benefit Tracking work-sheet that will help you to track your pet’s response to our hemp pet products. You can also stop using the product and see if your pet’s initial problems return.

We haven’t seen it happen yet! If more than the recommended dosage of 1 mg of CBDs per 10 pounds of pet weight is ingested, the animal may become lethargic. There are no know long term effects.

Both CannaDrops™ Salmon and CannaSpray™ Salmon have a 18-month shelf-life when properly stored. Always keep lid tightly closed after breaking the safety seal and refrigerate after opening. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight before opening. Please consult the product label on your package for storage recommendations and expiration dates.

No, they won’t get nauseous if they consume our pet hemp products on an empty stomach. Pets are likely to absorb the products faster on an empty stomach.

Yes, hemp products are legal in all 50 states. Healthy Hemp Pet Company products are pet health products that include hemp oil with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. The hemp oil in our products is extracted from industrial hemp that is legally grown in Colorado and does not fall within the legal definition of marijuana. The international community recognizes that hemp is cannabis with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

In significant quantities, garlic can be toxic to dogs. When formulating products, we work closely with vets and with a manufacturer who’s been producing pet products for 20+ years to make sure the appropriate amounts of each ingredient are included to maximize results. Vets recommended the small amount of garlic as a flavor enhancement.

That said, if you know your pet has a garlic allergy or sensitivity, we recommend using CannaDrops. We’ve not had any allergic reactions reported to date.

We aren’t aware of any published clinical trials on animals, though we are aware of some that are currently underway. We strongly believe that studies and clinical trials need to be completed for hemp products to be broadly accepted and are working towards that end with the Veterinary Advisory Committee we are formalizing. Dr. Kim Hennemen, DVM, will lead the Committee which plans to conduct some studies and get involved in clinical trials.

We have a Certificate of Analysis on each batch of hemp oil we purchase. Happy to share it! We have also joined the National Animal Supplement Council and comply with the quality control and labeling protocols they prescribe.

Orders and Returns

We ship every order received by 3:00pm MST that same day. Orders received over the weekend will ship on the next business day. We observe all major US holidays, and are unable to ship via the USPS on US holidays.  Thanks for your continued support!

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied Please reach out to us by phone at: (801)-935-4586, or by email at: woofwoof@healthyhemppet.com and we will take care of you