I founded Healthy Hemp Pet Company
for my Airedales, Che and Mya.

My discovery of natural hemp(CBD) as a pet health product started with my dog Mya. Although I bought her from a reputable breeder, when Mya was just six months old, I noticed she was having trouble keeping up with her brother, Che. Our vet recommended non-steroidal medication and invasive surgery.

I wanted a healthier option. During my research, I discovered natural hemp(CBD) oil and immediately ordered a variety of pet hemp products to try. I wasn’t impressed with the quality and more importantly, Mya wasn’t either.

Mya deserves better. I decided to make higher quality pet hemp(CBD) products for dogs than I could find in the marketplace. A product that would list the dosage and all of the other ingredients for pets. Most of the hemp oil used in these products was coming from China and contained heavy metals and pesticides. Again, Mya deserved better.

I moved my search to the U.S. and with the recommendation from a trusted veterinarian, I found a natural hemp grower and processor in Colorado that I was extremely impressed with. I knew I’d found the highest quality organic full-spectrum terpene rich hemp oil for pets available!

The next step was formulating a hemp oil product that would ease discomfort in the hips and joints. Our formula for CannaNatural™ contains green-lipped mussels (a rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin) and salmon oil. View our full ingredient list here.

Finally, a hemp(CBD) oil product for pets that was high quality and healthy enough for Mya. After a few weeks on our hemp product, Mya was back to a more active lifestyle. She was running around with her brother Che and climbing stairs with ease. I’ve since expanded the line and now offer over 20 dosage form hemp pet products.

Before I knew it, I was selling pet hemp(CBD) oil infused health products to local retailers. Soon after I was selling product into retail locations all over the country.